A Message from Our Founders

"Our family has spent the last 15 years working with artisans around the country to develop products for brands all over the world.

However whenever our friends asked us to help decorate their houses we always felt limited by the products available in the market here. It pained us to see that while India produces some of the best product in the world, almost none of it was curated for our home country. 

We decided to plug that gap. We collaborated with our network- artisans in Agra keeping age old techniques alive, Design studios in Delhi and Moradabad to use cutting edge technology to achieve a unique palette of textures and finishes. We have developed a range of playful products - merging old techniques with new ideas. 

We hope our collections excite and inspire you to make your house your own."

Dhruv and Jayant Talwar


Behind the Scenes

Handcrafted by skilled artisans from different parts of India, every muun product undergoes a meticulous process of design, production, quality control, and art direction before being delivered to you.